Facial Massage Jade Roller Slimming Face Body Eye Head Neck Beauty Best Tool



Material: Jade


Single Head Facial Massage Jade Roller



First, before the massage, take a massage tool and the facial are clean. The face massage with a large jade roll, bottom-up, push the skin along the growth direction. This can be done to enhance the skin and will avoid sagging muscles.

Massage the eye, with a small jade roll, from the inside outward, clockwise massage. You can reduce eye fine lines. Can also prevent wrinkles.

Action must be a gentle massage. Wrinkles did not force roll is slowly soothing. Massage once a day, every 10-15 minutes. Also, when Cawan skincare, the massage tool can be put into a hot water heating device, then massage, to help expand the pores, accelerate skin absorption.

At last, the massage toll is put into the refrigerator and then freeze what can help shrink pores. But we must pay attention to controlling hot and cold temperatures.

Special Note: item might have a slight difference in colour, Vein and Lines because this is a natural material. Size and weight are approximate only.


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